Sunday, February 1, 2009

Friday Night Lights with the Openshaws

Last Friday, Josh's family, Sam, David, Staci & I went to the park near our house and played basketball. Here are some of the pictures.

Brotherly Love....
This is a really cool picture, but also an example of how photos can be misleading. It looks like David is blocking Josh, but really Josh made the basket ( David did block him on others, I just didn't capture it:)
Baby Josh and Chase. I tried to take some pictures of Sagavi, but she was playing at the park, and my camera battery died before she came back.

David Wayne. Notice in his pictures, he is ALWAYS has this big grin on his face.

Dang, my husband is so good looking!!!!

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The Morgan Family said...

Yeah yeah...he may be good looking with his shirt down! JK! I liked those pictures...your camera is awesome. Now, my only question is...why weren't you and Staci playing? I bet it's because you didn't want to show up the boys!! they would have had hurt