Monday, August 30, 2010

Random Thoughts 4

Peppy Jet & Fancy Pants... Our heifer is also pregnant. She is due in November... I think.... Peppy is our only horse that will share her food. Blackie and Bella will run her off.
1.The reason why I have only one picture in each post is because I can't figure out this new blog thing. Every time I add a 2nd picture, it wont let me add a caption, or it deletes my original one. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

2. I have a new nephew!!! For pictures, click here.
3. Brittany and Kaiden came to visit us this weekend. I love it when they come down here! Kaiden has the most precious facial expressions.
  • Although he doesn't say a lot of words yet, he has the best facial expressions that go perfectly with the conversations we have.
  • He does not like Barbies(he wouldn't play with them at Nicki's house).
  • He loves Sam and he loves my Dogs.
  • When he eats his french fries, he will blow on one end to cool it down, and then bite the other end.
  • He loves Dougie (Our lizard), and wanted to touch him.
  • He would throw a toy for Nicki's dogs to fetch, and then he would fetch it himself!
  • He wanted to kiss Maggie, even though Maggie is a grumpy dog.
  • He picks up is own toys!
  • He is the cutest thing ever!!
3. Sam is super busy with work, and works too much. We are very thankful he has a job, but he works 65+ hours a week, and it is getting old real quick. He got his CDL a month ago, and drives a BIG truck and trailer. He gets layovers in other towns a couple nights a week, and starts at like 10pm almost every other night. He works 16+ hour days, and I can't wait until he finds a new job!

4. We went roping on Saturday night in Casa Grande and the weather was beautiful!! It had just rained and was almost COLD! I love this weather!! Little David won first, Sam had a chance to win, but unfortunately his heeler missed.

5. I got a team together to play volleyball on Tuesday nights, which I am really excited about. I love volleyball!!

6. My mom and family are coming to visit this weekend! I am super excited... To add to that, it is dove season! We are going hunting on Saturday morning, cleaning our birds in the afternoon, then eat them on Saturday evening( I don't like eating the birds, just hunting them).

Random Thoughts 3

New Truck??? No... it's just a rental. A couple of months ago I was driving home and someone t-boned my truck. Luckily my truck is tall, so it was just a little damage, but the car that hit me was pretty messed up. Anyway, I have been driving this truck for about a week now waiting for our truck to get fixed. FYI- this dodge is pretty comfortable inside, but it gets crappy gas mileage... just in case you were thinking about buying one :).

Random Thoughts 2

I love my doggies!! From left to right; Chase, Diesel, & Daisy. Chase and I recently finished an agility class, he is very good, with the exception of the tunnel. He is not scared of the tunnel, he just thinks its faster to jump over the tunnel and run to catch me! Diesel is big and dumb, if he wasn't so cute, I would have to get rid of him. Daisy is pregnant, she is due in October. This will be her first litter that is not illegitimate! Daisy gets to come inside and sleep with me lately, since Sam has been working or in a hotel almost every time of the week.

Random Thoughts

I'm totally into couponing!! I don't really know how much money I have saved so far, but I do know that we have more food in our pantry than ever before, and I have not paid more than 1.75 for a box of ceral in a couple of months, so I'm sure I have saved hundreds of dollars right there!