Wednesday, February 25, 2009


When I lived with Brittany my Junior year in College, I made her take a quilting class with me. I had this great idea that I was going to make this huge quilt for our wall. Well, we took the class and never finished our quilts. I have been wanting to start some other sewing projects, but I made a vow to myslef to not start another project without completing the original project. So, I went to Tucson last week to finish my quilt. Here are the pictures....

Brittany is helping me arrange my squares. In the class, we were making a sampler quilt with like 6 different squares. We were supposed to make like 50 or so squares. Well, as you can see by the pictures, I didn't make that many. I am sick of looking at this material, so I decided to make a wall quilt for my hallway, which would be perfect size for the 25 squares that I do have!Organizing Brittany's quilt. She had less squares because some of the squares disappeared (Alex, Sam's friend accidently took them home with his clothes).


Kaiden watching us sew.

Kaiden sticking his tongue out at me!!

Brittany's finished top. Well, she is still going to add a red border around the edge.

My fishished quilt top. I'm thinking about adding a brown border around the edge as well. Now, I just have to go back to Tucson to finish the back, and then hang it on my wall!

Thursday, February 19, 2009

My Valentines Gift= Watching Roping

Sam & Blackie
Our Cousin SteveThe ropers Sometimes I wonder about him.... My Dad & David
Baby HorsesSteer :) ( I was bored) Sweaty!!! This picture is kind of creepy because if you look close enough into Blackie's eye, you can see Sam's reflection!I have some good lookin' brothers!Trick roping while giving the horses a break. Yes, David is still being special in the background. Sam & my Dad

David & Steve
It's really fun to take pictures of him because he is so good!
David Wayne. Look closely and you can see his orange rope flying through the air.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Page Family Comes to Town/Cakes

My Dad's family came to visit this weekend. Here are some pictures of my little brothers with my bird. I also took some AWESOME roping pictures, but they still need to be edited, so hopefully I will get them up tomorrow.
Brayden Trinity
Jon was scared of the bird. Look at Chase in the background :)

3 weeks ago I started a Wilton cake decorating class at the Hobby Lobby. I absolutely LOVE it! Here are my first 2 cakes.

My first cake is a rainbow cake where we used our star tip to create the designs. We also used gel frosting to trace the design from a paper to parchment paper, and then gently touched the parchment paper to the cake for an outline. I know those insturctions were totally confusing, but if you really want to know, just call me!

Tonight we learned how to make a clown cake. We used the same tip to create the shell borders as the clowns. They are kind of squished and deformed because I put them in a shopping cart on my way out of Hobby Lobby, and went over the pavement.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Daisy & Duckie

2 Creatures that live at my house... Daisy and Duckie.... Sam hates one of them, can you guess which one???

While we were pouring more concrete last weekend, we decided to see how Daisy would react to my bird. (FYI...Daisy has been known to pluck the heads off of my neighbors chickens). Although she was definitely annoyed, she didn't eat him and here are the pictures to prove it.

This picture shows how she REALLY feels about the bird. Can you see the short feathers on his wing? This is where his feathers are clipped which keep him from flying away.

Cool picture!

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Backyard Boogie

We have finally decided to start on our backyard landscaping! We are hoping to get our borders, sidewalk, etc. done by the end of February, so in March we can plant our grass and plants. I can't wait!

Here is phase 1. The border that is going to separate grass from our gravel and plants. Sam formed the first side, and is going to pour the concrete a little at a time. Here is the first section.
I didn't get any pictures of them mixing the concrete and pouring because I was taking a nap. I thought it was going to take all afternoon to do the concrete, but when I woke up, they were already done!

Thanks for the help Little David!

Finished product... Well, kind of, finished one section.

I know what you are thinking, wheel barrel, why would I put this on my blog? Well, consider this a shout out to my parents. Since I have left home, I have realized a lot of the things my parents used to say or make me do, were not stupid like I thought they were. For example, shutting off lights when you are not in the room. I have also realized how much things in the "real world" cost. For example, this wheel barrel that we had to buy was $100. My dad has three of them at home, along with a whole bunch of other stuff that I used to take for granted when I was a kid. I will no longer call his backyard, "full of junk". I have realized that all his "junk" is worth a lot! So here's a big THANK YOU to my parents for providing all of the things that I needed and then some, even though I wasn't always grateful!

I'm sure it is hard to imagine what our backyard is going to look like, but Sam has a great plan and I know it's going to turn out great! I can't wait to do the fun stuff like plant the plants and grass!

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Friday Night Lights with the Openshaws

Last Friday, Josh's family, Sam, David, Staci & I went to the park near our house and played basketball. Here are some of the pictures.

Brotherly Love....
This is a really cool picture, but also an example of how photos can be misleading. It looks like David is blocking Josh, but really Josh made the basket ( David did block him on others, I just didn't capture it:)
Baby Josh and Chase. I tried to take some pictures of Sagavi, but she was playing at the park, and my camera battery died before she came back.

David Wayne. Notice in his pictures, he is ALWAYS has this big grin on his face.

Dang, my husband is so good looking!!!!