Thursday, February 19, 2009

My Valentines Gift= Watching Roping

Sam & Blackie
Our Cousin SteveThe ropers Sometimes I wonder about him.... My Dad & David
Baby HorsesSteer :) ( I was bored) Sweaty!!! This picture is kind of creepy because if you look close enough into Blackie's eye, you can see Sam's reflection!I have some good lookin' brothers!Trick roping while giving the horses a break. Yes, David is still being special in the background. Sam & my Dad

David & Steve
It's really fun to take pictures of him because he is so good!
David Wayne. Look closely and you can see his orange rope flying through the air.


Nicki "H" said...

Cool Pics! I like the horse's eye with Sam in the reflection that is neat. see what you can do by zooming in on it!

Chomporado said...

i love the pics! :)