Sunday, April 12, 2009

Our new minivan

Before Sam & I got married, we promised each other we would never own a minivan. So, this is as close as we will ever get to a minivan!! This is the new truck we got this weekend.

And the backyard fun continues....

We got some more progress on on our backyard! Thank you Dad, Tammy, David, and Anthony for your help!!

Sam finished the grass/rock border a couple of weekends ago, so my dad came down to help him put in a sprinkler system. This is what they did.
Talk about confusing...They used a trencher for most of the yard.But Sam did have to dig under the cement border.
David & Anthony gluing the pipes together.


WE HAVE SPRINKLERS!! A step closer to the grass I am so excited for!
Our trees also got planted this weekend.
My kind of landscaping.

Sam & Daisy :).
My new Green Cheek Conure, Tiki. He is 4 months old.

Ice Skating 2 & Egg Coloring

Since we had so much fun ice skating last weekend, we went again with my dad's whole family this weekend. Here are some pictures!

Sam & David The Boys
Gettin' our skates on

Isn't he cute??
Here are a couple of pictures I got from egg coloring.

Hugging... you don't get to see this very often!!

Friday, April 10, 2009

Page's go Ice Skating

I took Coltan and Brayden Ice Skating last weekend and here are the pics!

Getting ready to skate

They started out hanging on the wall... Then Brayden ventured out into the middle of the ice..Coltan being a good big brother. Look at Em' go!!After a long day skating!

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Golf, Backyard, Garden & Crash

The last couple of weeks have been kind of boring at our house, with the exception of these few events...

We went to the driving range

Sam finished the border for the grass in our backyard. He is going to put in the sprinkler system next, then we can PLANT GRASS!! YEAH!

Hopefully our grass and other plants are going to grow better than my garden, because everything except my tomato plans died! I purchased them at the Home Depot because they have a 1 year guarantee on all of their plants, so I took the dead ones back and here are my new ones... I think they didn't have enough sun, so I relocated my garden to another part of my yard and hopefully this will work out better...

This is my tomato plant that has baby tomatoes on it!!

A couple of nights ago we were going to the gym and this is what happened....

Ok, so Sam really didn't do all that damage. Well, he did it, but he didn't physically do it. We were driving along and the sun was in a really bad spot, the vehicle in front of us stopped and we didn't have enough time to miss them, so this is the results!!