Sunday, February 15, 2009

Page Family Comes to Town/Cakes

My Dad's family came to visit this weekend. Here are some pictures of my little brothers with my bird. I also took some AWESOME roping pictures, but they still need to be edited, so hopefully I will get them up tomorrow.
Brayden Trinity
Jon was scared of the bird. Look at Chase in the background :)

3 weeks ago I started a Wilton cake decorating class at the Hobby Lobby. I absolutely LOVE it! Here are my first 2 cakes.

My first cake is a rainbow cake where we used our star tip to create the designs. We also used gel frosting to trace the design from a paper to parchment paper, and then gently touched the parchment paper to the cake for an outline. I know those insturctions were totally confusing, but if you really want to know, just call me!

Tonight we learned how to make a clown cake. We used the same tip to create the shell borders as the clowns. They are kind of squished and deformed because I put them in a shopping cart on my way out of Hobby Lobby, and went over the pavement.


The Morgan Family said...

Wow! Those cakes look awesome. I am jealous...maybe I'll start a class like that too. I wish you still lived down here so we could go together!!! Or that I lived up there. Man, I wish there was a chopped in queen creek!

Sawyers Family said...

I totally want to do a cake like that! I wish I had the money to take the class right now. How AWESOME will your kids birthday cakes be now that you are learning all of this cool stuff!
That is for sure one of the things I would LOVE to learn how to do!

Nicki "H" said...

ok! I saw the clown cake already but the rainbow cake is pretty cool! I am just about to update my blog so dont forget to comment!