Monday, August 30, 2010

Random Thoughts 4

Peppy Jet & Fancy Pants... Our heifer is also pregnant. She is due in November... I think.... Peppy is our only horse that will share her food. Blackie and Bella will run her off.
1.The reason why I have only one picture in each post is because I can't figure out this new blog thing. Every time I add a 2nd picture, it wont let me add a caption, or it deletes my original one. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

2. I have a new nephew!!! For pictures, click here.
3. Brittany and Kaiden came to visit us this weekend. I love it when they come down here! Kaiden has the most precious facial expressions.
  • Although he doesn't say a lot of words yet, he has the best facial expressions that go perfectly with the conversations we have.
  • He does not like Barbies(he wouldn't play with them at Nicki's house).
  • He loves Sam and he loves my Dogs.
  • When he eats his french fries, he will blow on one end to cool it down, and then bite the other end.
  • He loves Dougie (Our lizard), and wanted to touch him.
  • He would throw a toy for Nicki's dogs to fetch, and then he would fetch it himself!
  • He wanted to kiss Maggie, even though Maggie is a grumpy dog.
  • He picks up is own toys!
  • He is the cutest thing ever!!
3. Sam is super busy with work, and works too much. We are very thankful he has a job, but he works 65+ hours a week, and it is getting old real quick. He got his CDL a month ago, and drives a BIG truck and trailer. He gets layovers in other towns a couple nights a week, and starts at like 10pm almost every other night. He works 16+ hour days, and I can't wait until he finds a new job!

4. We went roping on Saturday night in Casa Grande and the weather was beautiful!! It had just rained and was almost COLD! I love this weather!! Little David won first, Sam had a chance to win, but unfortunately his heeler missed.

5. I got a team together to play volleyball on Tuesday nights, which I am really excited about. I love volleyball!!

6. My mom and family are coming to visit this weekend! I am super excited... To add to that, it is dove season! We are going hunting on Saturday morning, cleaning our birds in the afternoon, then eat them on Saturday evening( I don't like eating the birds, just hunting them).

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AZMarianos said...

I love reading your random thoughts! That stinks that Sam is gone so much-feel free to come hang out with us if you get lonely! Whenever you guys have time we need to get together again!