Wednesday, January 28, 2009

My new nephew!

I drove to Tucson on Tuesday to visit the Morgan Family and I took some pictures of my new nephew, Kaiden. These first pictures are of him sleeping, which he did for the first couple of hours I was there.

Kaiden Michael Morgan
1 Week Old!

His cute little hands and feet.

He is so cute when his eyes are open!

I was taking his picture, then he decided to spit up. It gets better, scroll down a little farther.We were trying to take a nice family picture, and as they were sitting there, he let out this huge, long, FART!!! His Uncle Sam would have been so proud of him!

Brittany and Kaiden.

He must be a boy, he's sticking out his tongue!!

I love this picture.

This is a cool picture. Kaiden has both Nick and Brittany's wedding rings. They look so BIG compared to his little hands. I think it will be a cool picture when he grows up and gets his own wedding ring, he will see how tiny his little hands used to be. P.S. Look at how pretty Brittany's nails are!!!

Nick & Kaiden. Kaiden is such a ham for the pictures. He seriously likes getting his picture taken. He must be Brittany's kid. lol.

Family Pictures that Kaiden didn't fart in.


Sawyers Family said...

Thank you so much for posting these pictures!! Your camera takes great ones! I love all of them!! You rock as a photographer!

The Morgan Family said...

I can't believe you posted the pic of Kaiden farting. You nerd!! But thanks for all the pics...and your comments on them are so fun to read. Now, when do you come back down here?!?!

NaMa & TamPa in Zona said...

Heather--Wow! You and your camera do a great job! Thanks for posting the pictures. Where is one of you and Kaiden? HMMMMMM?

NaMa & TamPa in Zona said...

Where is my quilt, you two quilters? The quilts look great!!!!!! Grandpa Dave