Saturday, January 3, 2009

Christmas Tree

I realize the holiday's have already passed, but I'm going to post our Christmas tree experience anyway! When Sam's was little, his family went and cut down their own Christmas tree. Sam and I want to make this a tradition in our family, so here is our first Christmas tree cutting experience!!

We purchased a permit for the Apache-Sitgreaves National Forest, which is located near Springerville, Arizona, which is like a 3.5 hour drive from our house in Queen Creek. We were able to cut any tree, as long as it was 10 ft. and under, and in the permitted area.
Trees we had to pick from.

Sam measuring a prospective tree.

Our Blue Spruce while it was still alive!

Sam cutting our tree.

What I was doing while Sam was cutting our tree :)


If we were dogs we would have lifted our legs on the stump, but since we aren't Sam insisted we carve our initials into it.

Our decorated tree! My mom helped me decorate it and it looked better in person! Please don't mind all of the junk around the tree, I was wrapping gifts when I remembered to take the picture for the blog. BTW, that is Nick and Brittany's Christmas gift in the background still needing to be wrapped.


The Morgan Family said...

Sorry Nick and I were bumms and didn't go up with you guys. I would have loved to have Sam cut our tree down too! LOL

NaMa & TamPa in Zona said...

Thanks for sharing the pics with us! I feel almost like I was there. I think your tree looked great. They are never as full and the store bought trees, but the ones you cut yourself have lots of love in them! Making memories is what life is all about.