Sunday, November 30, 2008

Painted House!!

The reason that I have taken so long to get these pictures up is partly because I work 45 hours a week, but also partly because I wanted to get my house spotless before I took them. Well... it has been 3 weeks and every time my house is really clean, I forget to take pictures. So, look past the clutter and enjoy!
My favorite part of the house. This is what you see when you walk in the front door.

I just got this 30 gallon fish tank a couple of weeks ago. I love it! I have tropical fish in there like molly's, dalmatians, neon tetras, guppies, and I also have two semi-aggressive fish, Bala Sharks! Since I have started working at PetSmart, I have learned so much about fish, reptiles and small animals, so I decided to get my first fish tank. So far it has been fun.

This is the formal living room. We don't have any furniture in it yet. Hopefully we will get some soon.

The powder room in between the formal room and the family room.
This is the family room. My mom was nice enough to give us all of this furniture. It really goes good with our colors. This is a picture of the kitchen. I was standing in the family room. One of the reasons I love this house so much is because of how the kitchen and the family room are setup. It's possible to cook and do the dishes while still being a part of the family.

This is the china my Uncle LeRoy and Aunt Marion bought me. The cabinet it is in is actually an old gun case that was converted to a china hutch. It is the perfect size for this living room. My grandma has a bunch of Avon Red China she has collected for me over the years, but we are going to put that in the formal dining room when we get a hutch.
Our pantry filled with Sam's junk food.

These pictures are all upstairs. This is the hallway that connects the master bedroom, the two extra bedrooms, the loft and the extra bathroom.

Anthony and Aubrey's bedroom.

Little David's bedroom.

Their bathroom

Master bedroom. I will say this was really hard to get good pictures of this room! We have two closets, a walk-in and a regular sliding door closet. I love it!
This is the vanity. The bathroom and shower is connected to it, but it is small and I figured you all knew what a toilet and bathtub looked like, so I guess if you really want to see it, you'll have to come to our house! Here is the coolest room in the house, and the one you have probably been waiting to see. We decided to make our loft a fun loft, so we painted it University of Arizona red and blue.
Bear Down. Go Wildcats!


AZMarianos said...

I love your house! It is very similar to the set-up of ours. Even your paint is very close to ours, only yours is on the wall and ours is still in the cans. LOL! Oh well, maybe I could employ you guys to paint our house too?? So, which store do you work at? My kids love going to the pet store to look at the critters - maybe we'll run into you sometime. It looks like you guys are doing great!

The Morgan Family said...

The house looks great...but don't forget that I helped paint! Well, I did about the same amount of work as Sam did...JK! I am really impressed! Can't wait to see it totally finished!

NaMa & TamPa in Zona said...

The house is beautiful!! Thanks for the pictures. You guys sure have done A LOT of work. We are impressed! You can certainly be proud of your new home. Hope to see you soon! Love ya! Mom and Dad