Sunday, November 30, 2008

Marana, AZ Roping

Here are some pictures from the Marana roping Sam, my dad, little David, and Raphael went to. Unfortunately someone has to pay for this bad habit, so I was working :(. I think either Staci, David's girlfriend or Brittany, Sam's sister took the pictures, and they came out pretty good! I'm mainly posting these for Isaac, since he had such a great time with the horse in Arizona. Enjoy!

Sam & Blackie

This is a really cool picture of David and my Dad. I want to get this framed and put it in David's room.

Raphael heeling a steer. I really like this picture too! After looking at all the pictures, I'm going to go with Staci as the photographer since most of them are of David!

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Jennie said...

Isaac wants to know..."where's Isaac?" We're looking at all of the hourse pictures! So where's Isaac?
That was Isaac.
Love you! And LOVE the pictures of the house!! How fun is that? If we lived closer, kevin would have done all of the trim for you...he loves to do that kind of stuff!