Saturday, January 3, 2009

Page Christmas

Here are some pictures of the Page Christmas. Unfortunately we both had to work on Christmas, so we didn't get to go to Parker until the weekend after, so everyone had already opened gifts, eaten Christmas dinner, etc., so we roped and made tamales instead!

Here is some pictures of Sam riding one of my dad's newest addition. My family is better known as "heel hogs", meaning they don't like to share the heeling end of team roping. Sam finally got his first shot and I captured it on camera! Here are the pictures.

David & Sam

The instructor

Last Christmas my dad got a priefert chute, which is an electric chute that can be operated by remote control. Here is Brayden running the show.

Brayden Trinity walking Jonathan's first 4-H pig.


Sawyers Family said...

Those pictures are so much fun! Thanks for sharing! We hope we get to see you guys in a week for Nick and Brittany's sealing! It looks like you guys had a great time roping, eating and cutting your Christmas tree!

The Morgan Family said...

Why didn't you put some pictures of the puppies on here? That was more exciting than Sam heeling. JK! Too bad I wasn't there to see Sam's first time...I bet he did well, or decent. HA HA!