Friday, March 27, 2009

My Cake!

Here is the cake I just made for my final course 2 class! It's supposed to be basketweaving on the side, but I had to go into work for inventory last night so I had to do my cake in only 45 minutes. I'm sure it will look better next time!
My flowers are made out of royal frosting. This frosting still hardens, but the flowers look more like real frosting.

The bird is made out of colorflow, which is a type of frosting that hardens really quickly and stays good forever.


The Morgan Family said...

Heather that cake looks amazing! Now you are ready to make wedding cakes...right?!?!
I wish I was there to eat it!

NaMa & TamPa in Zona said...

Very impressive! The flowers look wonderful! Congratulations on being brave and learning something new and fun!

Sawyers Family said...

That cake looks GREAT! I can't wait to take my class...but that's a whole long story in itself. Maybe I'll put it on the diet blog...because it will explain why my week was a waste!
Congrats and now you can make cool cakes for all of your kids birthdays! (when you have kids)