Tuesday, October 6, 2009

1st 2 Days in South Carolina

Here is some of the things I have done and seen in the past couple of days while in South Carolina.

Yikes!! I have not seen any gators yet, but I am on the lookout!

This beach is called Short Stay. It is a park just for military people and their guests. My mom and their friends go their almost every weekend in the Summer. Some rentals at Short Stay. It rained all day yesterday, which is why these pictures look so gloomy. This is my idea of a swamp. Kind of creepy, but the flowers on top of the pads are pretty cool.

I made Garrett stand in front of his school sign. He was not to happy about this.
A picture of the front of his school. His mascot is a Stag. Yes... they really have a grocery store called the piggly wiggly.

Savannah. I play catch with her every day. I tried to bike with her and she kept running in front of me so we had to come back to the house. We are going to try again tomorrow.

Today I went fishing with Garrett and his friend. There is a small lake (yes it has alligators) right in their community that they go on. Leaving the truck on the bank.... Kind of scary in this tiny little boat!GarrettSome houses in my moms community. Sunset.Beautiful!!!One of the little blue gills I caught.
Looks pretty cool hanging in the sunset!Lol... I think my worm weighed more than this fish!The Biggie!!! This is a large mouth bass. I think it weighed a couple of pounds.

I also got to go hunting for deer behind my moms house. I climbed up a tree in a tree stand and hunted for about three hours. I didn't see anything, but I'm going again tomorrow, so hopefully I will have better luck next time.

If you have never climbed up a tree with one of these, just let me tell you that if you are not in shape, don't do it. It was easy to climb up, but not to climb down. I am so freaken sore, its unbelievable!! Here is a link to a youtube video. I didn't sit on the stand like he did, I will try this technique next time.



NaMa & TamPa in Zona said...

Looks like beautiful country and that you are having a good time! I hope you enjoy your vacation. You deserve it!

Nicki "H" said...

Looks fun! I cant wait to see the rest of your pics! See you when u get home!

Janette's Joys said...

Wow, that looks like a fun trip!! I especially love the ferocious blue gills...hope you didn't hurt anything getting that guy in the boat;) Regardless of size, there is nothing quite like the thrill of a catch....:)