Thursday, September 3, 2009

Puppy Dogs

Here are some pictures of Daisy & Chase's puppies... WANT ONE?? :)
Story behind the puppies: Daisy came into heat, which means we put one dog in the garage, and leave one outside, switching them back and forth until she is not in heat anymore. Well.. Sam was switching the dogs when the neighbors down the road started screaming at each other. Sam proceeded to call the police, and during that 45 second call, the magic happened....
Daisy had 9 puppies, but squished 6 of them. She would lay on them anytime Chase or Diesel came around, so basically she was too overprotective. We are down to 3, and are looking for homes for them!!!
Proud Parents.
Daisy gets more and more protective with every litter she has. Tonight we ordered Pizza, and Daisy chased the delivery guy and almost bit him...

The puppy on the left is a wimp like Chase, but the other 2 puppies are pretty cool.

" I love it when they call me Big Papa"


AZMarianos said...

Those pictures make me want one sooooo bad! They are too cute! I really wish we could get a puppy but I think my husband would kill me. :-) So cute!!

Sawyers Family said...

HAHAHA! You have puppies!
They're very cute! but I DON'T WANT ONE!
I'm sure they'll go quickly!

The Morgan Family said...

I want one! They are so stinkin' cute! You are a really good picture taker too. Man, if you can get the dogs to hold still and be in a cute picture, you could have success with just about ANYONE! Oh and I miss Daisy. Good times in the Forgeus house! ha ha