Sunday, August 2, 2009

Picnic & Tourists in Seattle

The first pictures are from a Picnic we have on the base for my Uncle Walt. The second set is the Shontz Site seeing Tour!

Amanda & SaraWe played volleyball and I just had to put this picture in because check out Sam's HUGE calves.
Uncle LeRoy & Aunt MarionWow!Grandpa Walt starting the tour off right!We went on The Ducks tour. I highly recommend this tour if you are going to Seattle. It was 2 hours long and they took us all around Seattle, as well as on a lake/river (not sure which) that goes through the city. The NeedleView from Space NeedleWe went to Pike Place Market. Sam & I were not impressed. It was too many people in one little space... Not to mention most of the people were tree huggers who didn't save their pits. My husband is so freaking cute!!On our way to the airport, Sam & I stopped by the Boeing Center. This was the collest plane there. It is a car and plane all in one.

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AZMarianos said...

How funny...We were in Seattle at the same time!! We went up to visit my husband's family - we may have even been downtown at the same time. :-) The Duck tour has always looked fun so maybe we will do that next time.