Sunday, June 14, 2009

Crafts at the Openshaw House

The Page's came to visit this weekend... Well part of them at least. Unfortunately Jonathan had to stay home and babysit little David, so we didn't get the two of them.. My Dad and Sam went roping, and Tammy, Coltan, Brayden & I did crafts all weekend. Here are some pictures.
Coltan's first craft was this paper ball making kit. Here is his baseball.

Brayden decided to make a Pirate costume. He got a hat, hook, sword, and eye patch and decorated them. Concentrating hard... Arrrr... Brayden & Tiki

Coltan's second craft was making a t-shirt.

I made some shirts for Kaiden. He is going to come visit me on Tuesday! The one shirt says Kickin' it with Grandpa.... I couldn't find any Aunt shirts :(.....

And cake pops... Thanks for the great recipe Jennie!

Tammy's craft was a no sew quilt. We are still working on it, so here is the start of it.


Sawyers Family said...

How fun! I love a good craft day!! And how do you make a "no sew quilt?"

Nicki "H" said...

Your cake pops are much better than mine! I will have to get some help with mine!