Sunday, May 24, 2009

Weekend Projects

Here are some of the weekend projects we have been doing over the past month...

I apologize for the picture being so bad, Sam took it!! It is supposed to say Openshaw, just in case you can't read it... We broke a whole bunch of tiles up to make this. It looks better in person! We are going to hang it up on our patio in the back yard.

Backyard is slowly coming along! Here is the sidewalk that Sam is working on. It is big pieces of tiles pushed into cement. He still has to grout it but it looks really really good! I can't wait for our backyard to be finished.

This should have been only a weekend project, but 2 1/2 years later I finally finished it! This is a sampler quilt that I made in a class that Brittany took with me my Junior year of College. Sam hung it up in our hallway and it looks pretty good from far away!( Sam took these pictures too)

I bought some material to do a rag quilt this past week, so hopefully this next one will not take so long.

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