Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Polynesian Cultural Center & Pearl Harbor

The Polynesian Cultural Center was a park/museum type thing that displayed all the "Island" Cultures that are near Hawaii. (e.g Tahiti). The park had different sections devoted to different islands where you could participate in activities related to that specific culture. Unfortunately almost all the activities were outside and it was raining, so this was actually one of our less favorite things we did.

Our standard pose. :) This was a canoe parade we went to. These were dancers from the island of Hawaii. The cultural center was built by Mormon missionaries and now over 80% of the workers are BYU Hawaii students. The reason the center was built was to create jobs for the students as well as raise money for scholarships. Most of the students who worked at the center are from the other islands, so the dances are really apart of their culture which was kind of neat. After seeing these dances, Native American dances don't seem so odd! This man taught us how to use sticks to make a fire, get coconut milk, and climb a tree, just like the people on his island do. I apologize for the fat head in the bottom of the picture.

Standard pose #2.

Pearl Harbor
]Here we are before we started our Pearl Harbor experience. Standard pose #2 again. :) Yes, Sam does have the same shorts on everyday,lol. He didn't pack any shorts and it was too hot and humid to wear pants. He tried to wear his sandals to get some sort of sun tan. Jennie, I'm pretty sure that you can call Sam clear in these pictures, since I would bet that your legs are tanner than his right now!

Our favorite part of Pearl Harbor was the tour of the Missouri we took. It was HUGE!

U.S.S. Arizona Memorial

Guns on the front of the boat.

This picture absolutely amazes me. These are the beds that our sailors have to sleep on. I don't know how they can get a good nights rest sleeping on these things. There has got to be something better for them! Rick, my mom's husband was in the Navy for 20 years, I can't imagine being on that ship for that long. I think my dogs have a better bed.

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The Morgan Family said...

You guys did a great job documenting your trip. I love the pictures...and your two standard poses! We are jealous that you got to go to Hawaii, but then again, isn't everybody?! But you guys look happy and I am so glad you were able to get some time off and enjoy being newly married! We love you both!
Nick & Brittany