Tuesday, July 22, 2008

4th of July

4th of July= Roping in Mormon Lake!!!

For the 4th we went to Mormon Lake, Arizona (near Flagstaff)with my Dad's family to camp and rope. Here are some pictures from weekend.

Sam and "Blackie" waiting to rope.

Little David was the only winner in the Page camp. He placed in the number 11 roping.

This is an example of me trying to be a professional photographer , as you can see, I need a lot of practice. Notice the mud in the arena, it rained and even hailed on us a couple of hours before this run.

Notice that all the "action" pictures are of David. I forgot to charge my camera, so it died within the first couple of hours of our camping trip, which left me with no time to take pictures on anyone else. :(. Also, the camera I am using is brand new, and I haven't quite figured out all the settings, so please excuse the picture color and quality.

Here is a picture of my dad and Raphael. Please excuse my Dad's USC hat, he doesn't want to get his good University of Arizona hat wet.

Alex and Tipling watching by the catchpen. They were my carpool buddies up to the roping.

I just wanted to take a nice little brother picture, and out of the 8 I took, this is the best one. :).

Brayden Trinity Page


JanaWhite2008 said...

HI Heather...Flagstaff looks like it was a lot of fun. I am enjoying your blog. You need to let rick know how you made it and he can set us up one here in SC. Especially since we are so far away from everyone.. I love you very much and you make me very proud everyday. Love Mom

PS: Tell Sam maybe be next time he will win some monies :)

Sawyers Family said...

We LOVE your blog! And it's so good that you did this! It makes it so much easier to stay in touch! Isaac loved seeing Uncle Sam and Aunt Heather! We wish you could come see us, but I guess we'll be seeing you in AZ before you come out here again! We love ya'll!